Gary Motz

Information Services Affiliate - Cyberinfrastructure



(812) 856-3500


Gary is an earth scientist and curator of data, metadata, and natural history collections. In his role at the Indiana Geological and Water survey, he oversees the information services division which provides cartographic, information technology, cyberinfrastructure, data science, physical and digital collections management, and database administration to support the mission and science of the IGWS. Gary is a paleontologist that comes to Indiana University from the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science. Gary came to IU to serve as the digitization coordinator for the Center for Biological Research Collections and is now the Chief Information Officer and Assistant Director for Information Services at the Indiana Geological & Water Survey. Garys research takes him to museums all over the world to digitize fossil collections and contribute to a broader synthetic understanding of biodiversity information science.


natural history collections; digitization; biodiversity; informatics; fossils; paleontology; paleobiology; evolution, origination, and extinction; ecology

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