Washi tape GS57

This decorative paper masking tape is perfect for livening up your everyday creations. Decorate your bullet journal or notebook, or use it to wrap packages! Each roll is 15 mm (.6") wide by 10 m (32'9") long, so you'll have plenty for all your projects. Choose between stratigraphic layer, gems and minerals, or dinosaur design.

Rite in the Rain hardcover geological field notebook GS56

This Geological Book comes equipped with 20 pages of reference material, standard and metric rulers, and numbered pages. All-weather paper won’t turn to mush when wet and will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive the accidental laundry mishap. Make sure your geological book stays RIGHT in the Rain.

Polished gem cage necklace GS55
Giant Sloth Toy GS54

Megatherium, the so-called ‘giant sloth’, was a massive ground-dwelling relative of modern sloths. This particular species, Megatherium americanum, was the largest of its kind. It browsed for plants in South America during the Pleistocene and became extinct just ten thousand years ago. This Giant Sloth toy figure is 4.5 inches high and 3.5 inches long. All Safari Ltd. products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

Ammonite Toy GS53

Ammonites were a group of marine molluscs related to modern octopus, squids and cuttlefish that first appeared in the Devonian Period (about 400 million years ago) and went extinct 66 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Unlike octopus and squids and cuttlefish, ammonites have a large external shell that makes them look a bit like huge snails. This Ammonite toy model is 5.25 inches long and 2.5 inches high. All Safari Ltd. products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

Mammoth Toy GS52

The woolly mammoth is a close relative of modern elephants. Its hairy coat helped it to keep warm while it foraged for grasses to eat during the end of the ice age, 400,000 to 4,000 years ago. Herds of woolly mammoths had a broad range across northern Europe and Asia, and North America. This adult woolly mammoth toy model is 5.5 inches long and 5.5 inches high. All Safari Ltd. products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

Smilodon Toy GS51
Dinosaur Playing Cards GS50

These 'terrible lizards' continue to fascinate us all! 54 vibrant illustrations including an indication of size, area and prehistoric time in which they lived.

Mineral necklace pendant GS33
Large mineral specimen GS34
Under The Weather greeting card GS49

Sorry you're feeling under the weather! This meteorology card is the right card to send when you're hoping the winds of change will bring healthier days.

Rare Earth Elements: A brief overview IJES25

Recent years have witnessed increasing awareness and interest in rare earth elements (REE). These several, usually unfamiliar elements are key components of countless products used in our daily lives. Because of their use in many modern technologies, including those important for national security, the demand for REE grows, and so does the production, need to find their new sources and improve the extraction. This article provides an overview of REEs, their availability, production, and uses, and briefly discusses the future of these valuable and critical metals.

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The LPG Board examines and licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession as a Professional Geologist.

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