The Indiana Geological and Water Survey will continue to serve as a leading earth sciences research institution of Indiana through reliable, timely, and objective research and outreach. As a comprehensive and non-regulatory research institute of Indiana University, which values service and high quality focused research, the Indiana Geological and Water Survey builds public and private partnerships, provides essential earth science information, and integrates innovative technologies to accomplish these ends.

  • Pursuing Excellence in Geoscience Research

    Goal: Conduct research beneficial to Indiana.

    1. Strengthen research capacity.
      • Identify evolving earth science issues.
      • Conduct focused basic and applied research.
      • Publicize capabilities and findings.
    2. Engage in in-state, national, and global research collaborations.
      • Build and strengthen cooperative relationships.
      • Pursue new opportunities for interaction.
    3. Collect and interpret new data relative to the geologic framework of Indiana.
      • Provide geologic information to the public.
      • Facilitate the understanding and use of geologic information.
  • Acquiring and Preserving Geoscience Materials and Information

    Goal: Collect, archive, and provide access to geologic samples, data, and new information representative of the geology of Indiana.

    1. Collect geoscience information.
      • Acquire physical samples, paper records, and digital data.
      • Pursue the acquisition of similar materials from external sources.
    2. Serve as the state's geoscience repository.
      • Provide adequate space and resources for the long term preservation.
      • Catalog geoscience materials using the latest technology.
    3. Ensure access and discoverability.
      • Provide space, staffing, and technology necessary for public access to archived materials.
      • Facilitate access to meet statutory mandate and support internal research.
      • Enhance access using modern technology
  • Serving the Public and Geoscience Community

    Goal: Convey accurate and timely geoscience information.

    1. Enhance educational outreach and opportunities.
      • Determine needs of current and potential clientele.
      • Develop and market research products and programs.
      • Strengthen cooperative educational and outreach opportunities.
    2. Enhance service.
      • Respond to inquiries in a timely manner.
      • Measure and evaluate current service efforts.
    3. Mentor students.
      • Provide practical training and experience opportunities.
      • Teach and advise students.
      • Assist students in professional placement.
  • Enhancing Facilities and Human Resources

    Goal: Foster an environment for employees that will promote productivity and enhance professional development.

    1. Sustain, upgrade, and modernize facilities.
      • Evaluate and support employee needs.
      • Ensure a safe working environment.
      • Invest in advanced technology and/or specialized equipment.
    2. Support career-long learning for employees.
      • Promote professional growth.
      • Ensure adequate training and other educational opportunities.
    3. Enhance and develop means to assist employees to attain their full potential.
      • Utilize planning and performance procedures to assure optimum productivity.
      • Encourage staff to engage in innovative projects by providing them with appropriate resources.