Greg Olyphant

Research Affiliate/Professor of Geological Sciences



(812) 855-1351


Greg Olyphant is an Associate Professor of Geological Sciences at Indiana University and Principal Researcher of the Center for Geospatial Data Analysis. Greg collaborates with other researchers in the CGDA as well as advising and directing the research of a large number of graduate students and undergraduate interns. He was a founding member Interagency Task Force on E. coli and currently participates on the Steering Committee of the Indiana University Research and Teaching Preserve.


Hydrology and Numerical/Statistical Modeling: especially hydrologic monitoring of the vadose zone to quantify contaminant loading of shallow aquifers; computer modeling of groundwater flow in non-uniform and highly heterogeneous terrain; routing of water, sediment, and solutes in branching drainage networks; predictive modeling for making decisions about beach closures along shorelines that are susceptible to high bacterial (E. coli) concentrations.

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