Barbara Hill

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Barb Hill is a retired IGWS staff member and currently serves as an Affiliate assisting with photographic and imaging needs, as requested. Prior to her retirement, she served as the Photography and Imaging Manager for almost 40 years. Barb is now working to add attribution to the digital photographic archives, created since 2000. Barb earned both her bachelor’s degree in Geology and a master’s degree in Geography/Cartography, from the University of Akron. She began her career at the IGWS as a cartographer and moved into the position of Survey Staff Photographer in 1984. During her career at the IGWS, Barb was responsible for many types of photography, including: 35mm, medium & large format, photomicrography, graphic arts photography, aerial photography, and slide making and copying. She introduced digital processes for photography into the IGWS as early as 1990, and has digitized parts of the physical Photo Collection on an "as need" basis.


Scientific photography, digital photography/photomicrography, digital imaging, publication production, digital pre-press, digitization methods and standards
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