Michael Daniels

Senior Web Designer/Programmer



(812) 855-0417


Michael Daniels began work at the Geological Survey in 2009 as the senior web designer and internet systems developer. He has been a primary developer for the Petroleum Database Management System, IndianaMap, IGSMap, the IGS Website, all internal applications, and the IGS online purchasing system as well as many more web applications.

Michael graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Informatics with a focus on Human Computer Interaction and a minor in Computer Science. He has worked in the university enviroment for over ten years and understands the importance of creating an individual online presence while still maintaining organizational cohesion. With his "user centered" design philosophy, Michael consistently delivers products that are not only asthetically pleasing but also easy to use.


Web Design, User Interface Design, Web Application Development. ColdFusion and Javascript Languages

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