Alyssa Bancroft

Research Geologist - Stratigraphy



(812) 856-5313


Joined the IGWS in August of 2016 to study the 'Conodontozoic' record preserved in the State of Indiana.

Post-Doctoral Scholar, University of Iowa (2014-2016)

PhD in Geology, The Ohio State University (2014)

Lecturer at Lake Superior State University (2012-2014)

MS in Geology, The Ohio State University (2008)

BS in Geology, Lake Superior State University (2006)

BS in Biology, Lake Superior State University (2006)


Processing a Variety of Paleozoic Marine Lithologies (limestones, dolostones, shales) for Conodont Elements; Conodont Biostratigraphy; Conodont Taxonomy; Chemostratigraphy