StateMap 2022 Program

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Jul 15, 2022 Jul 14, 2024 All Counties
Director: Matthew Johnson
Other Researchers: Isaac Allred, Philip Ames, Jose Luis Antinao, Valerie Beckham-Feller, Dana Bissey, Sara Clifford, LaBraun Hampton, Nancy Hasenmueller, Casey Jones, Will Knauth, Jennifer Lanman, Victoria Leffel, Henry Loope, Garrett Marietta, Maria Mastalerz, DeAnn Reinhart, Ben Romlein, Robin Rupp, Todd Thompson, Don Tripp, Katherine Tucker, Kristen Wilkins, Kilauren Driscoll Strause, Cameron; Agnieszka Drobniak
Funding: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - STATEMAP Program
Objective: Create new maps that include: 1) Quaternary mapping of the Bloomington 100k quadrangle 2) Bedrock mapping of the Jasper and Indiana portion of Tell City 100k quadrangle maps 3) Bedrock mapping of the Princeton and Indiana portions of adjacent 100k quadrangle maps Data updates: 1) Updated NGMDB entries with new URLs, citations, etc. Stratigraphy: 1)Formalizing a Late Pleistocene stratigraphy for northern Indiana
Approach: Our emphasis through 2025 will be the geology south of the 40th parallel, roughly bounded to the north by Indianapolis and U.S. Highway 40 (The National Road). Synergized mapping of unconsolidated sediments, including depth-to-bedrock data, will address key relationships between glacial deposits, loess, ice-marginal deposits, and fluvial throughways that can be projected elsewhere and correlated with earlier work. Targeted sampling of bedrock stratigraphic units will provide important aquifer characterization and delineation data for future derivative mapping. Morphostratigraphic analysis will translate into future derivative mapping of seismic, flooding, subsidence, and landslide risk, complementing activities by the U.S Geological Survey and Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Fieldwork and outreach will be directed toward underrepresented minority and rural communities.
Products: Project 1 - Quaternary geologic map of the Bloomington 1:100k quadrangle with an associated GeMS-compliant geodatabase (1:100,000-scale) Project 2 - Bedrock geologic map of the Jasper and Indiana portions of the Tell City 1:100k quadrangles with an associated GeMS-compliant geodatabase (1:100,000-scale) Project 3 - NOT FUNDED - Quaternary geologic map of Indiana portions of the southern Madison and Louisville 1:100k quadrangles with an associated GeMS-compliant geodatabase (1:100,000-scale) Project 4 - GeMS-compliant geodatabase for the Indiana portion of the Princeton and adjacentquadrangle with a workflow report (1:100,000-scale) Project 5 - Updated excel spreadsheet provided by NGMDB team which will be used to update NGMDB for USGS Project 6 - NOT FUNDED - GeMS Level 3 b edrock map database for the 1:250k Regional Geologic Map Series Project 7 - Formal, fully peer-reviewed report published in the Indiana Journal of Earth Sciences on Formalizing a Late Pleistocene stratigraphy for northern Indiana