PDMS Fix 2022-2024

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Jul 1, 2021 Jun 30, 2022 All Counties
Director: Matthew Johnson
Other Researchers: Valerie Beckham-Feller, Ashley Douds, Jennifer Lanman, Karen Like, Ben Romlein
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: The PDMS scanned documents are held in at least four locations on IGWS servers. They will be consolidated for the eventual creation of a unified database to search all records through the IGWS website. Additionally, the scanned records are at times of low quality, and data from the well records may be recorded incorrectly in the digital PDMS database.
Objective: The main objective of this project is to merge all of the records by removing the "Records Cornucopia" and adding all of the scanned documents to their correct location in the "Reports" and "Log Info" sections of the PDMS. The method for obtaining records in the future may also be changed so that the PDMS can be maintained more easily.
Approach: Well logs will be sorted and fixed by IGWS personnel, who will address duplications, quality of scans, and data accuracy in the current PDMS database.
Products: https://igws.indiana.edu/pdms/WellSearch.cfm
Benefits: This project is the first task to creating a unified database that will benefit users of the website by making energy related data easily accessible to people in various industries as well as people who interested in the geology of Indiana.