Open Access Publications: RS/Bookstore/IUSW

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 1, 2022 Dec 31, 2022 All Counties
Director: Will Knauth
Other Researchers: Sara Clifford, Jennifer Lanman, Polly Sturgeon, Kristen Wilkins
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: Many IGWS publications are not accessible to researchers and the public due to digital software issues or lack of digitally discoverable iterations. The research efforts, demonstrated by these publications continue to represent valuable research products, many of which are no longer 'discoverable', but many of which are requested. This situation is not sustainable and is out of alignment with the expectations of the users of IGWS research products and services. Having a more user friendly and up to date search and access capacity will boost the value and visibility of the Survey and contribute to its successful fulfilment of its mission.
Objective: To process IGWS publications for accessibility and ensure an accurate asset entry and retrieval option is in place for all Open Access Pubs. This will be accomplished in three repository locations, ResourceSpace, IUScholarWorks, and the IGWS bookstore; with all relevant data stored in IU secured cold data storage.
Approach: Continue to scan non-digital IGWS publications as requested and needed, following the a batch OCR of the digital file and save as PDF files. Copy files from the !OpenAccess directory in the Quartz 611 folder for this process. These publications are then uploaded and assigned descriptive metadata in ResourceSpace, IUSW, and the IGWS bookstore to allow use by IGWS customers and researchers. Archive PDF files are then bundled and sent to IU’s Scholarly Data Archive.
Products: Digital version and archive of historical IGWS publications, historical documents, and historical maps which are accessible and searchable.
Benefits: Continue to make historical documents 'discoverable' to the public by posting on IGWS bookstore, ResourceSpace, and IUSW. Continue to provide the IGWS with a digital archive of its publications.