Glacial terrains: Digital products for outreach and education

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 1, 1950 Jun 30, 2009 Allen, Lake, LaPorte, Marion, Porter
Director: Nancy Hasenmueller
Other Researchers:
Issue: General issues involve: The growth of the educational mission of the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS); Concentration of typical geologic and environmental questions that arise in most populated and growing areas; Traditional absence of a tie between geologic interpretation and databases; Reproducibility of geologic interpretation; Output design, content, and formats best suited for changing and evolving client needs.
Objective: To address these issues, we will combine existing digital data sets and regional glacial-terrain mapping with newly available subsurface databases, digital elevation models (DEMs), and digital imagery. This process will continue an evolution toward the use of streamlined, user-friendly desktop environments using off-the-shelf software.
Approach: To accomplish the goals of this project, we will create 3-D images of subsurface data sets; combine Open-File Study (OFS) 97-6 GIS geologic coverages with newly available regional digital data sets (DEMs, LANDSAT imagery); develop documentation for individual vertical sequence types and for depositional sequence package geometries; compare the OFS 97-6 GIS coverages to new 3-D data using IGS ArcView extensions; illustrate the relationship of total sequence packages to map units; illustrate the variation of real subsurface data within map unit constraints; consider issues of variation, map unit definition, scale, and reproducibility.
Products: This project will result in a geologic atlas illustrating glacial terrain of Allen County, Indiana, and may include various products, as well as subsurface data set that can be used in a geographic information system (GIS).
Benefits: This project will provide educational tools for earth-science professionals and educators. A new regional map product will be created by linking an existing IGS digital publication to the new digital Indiana Department of Natural Resources ground-water database, relating existing geologic map products to digital data sets and 2-D and 3-D illustrations.