Piloting the OSDU platform for inter-state geological survey data management for synthetic 3D mapping initiative

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Jul 1, 2021 Mar 1, 2022 state, state
Director: Matthew Johnson
Other Researchers: Kathleen Griffin, Ben Romlein, Todd Thompson Drew Andrews and Doug Curl (KGS), Denise Hills (GSA), Jessica Czajkowski (WGS), Guangchen Ruan (UITS Research Data Services), Esen Tuna (UITS Research Data Services)
Funding: ESIP (Federation for Earth Science Information Partners)
Issue: The IGWS has long been operating within a fragmented data environment where numerous types of project data are obscured fromaccess (or even awareness) even by IGWS staff and affiliates. With a transition to OpenAccess for Survey publications and many data types, migration to a more conducive enterprise data environment has been an obstacle because of the sheer enormity of the data types and services offered by the range of expertise and data formats maintained by the research and information services staff of the IGWS.
Objective: This project will evaluate the efficacy of the OSDU data platform and determine whether or not the OSDU is a suitable candidate for enterprise data management for the IGWS and the energy, stratigraphy, and other data siloes.
Products: We will present our findings at the ESIP Winter 2022 meeting in the Washington D.C. area.