Early Pennsylvanian Sediment Routing in the U.S. Eastern Interior

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Mar 15, 2021 Dec 31, 2022 Greene, Martin, Montgomery, Parke, Putnam, Daviess, Fountain
Director: Isaac Allred
Other Researchers: Dr. Mike Blum
Issue: The study will address the following questions: Were Early Pennsylvanian fluvial systems crossing Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky feeder systems for Ouachita deep-sea fans? What was the size and scale of these Early Pennsylvanian drainage basins?
Objective: This study will apply source-to-sink methods to constrain the drainage basin boundaries of Early Pennsylvanian fluvial systems in the Illinois basin and neighboring basins.
Approach: The provenance of Early Pennsylvanian fluvial systems will be identified by detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology. This method will be cross-checked by scaling relationship analysis of fluvial architectural data obtained from outcrops and the subsurface.
Products: Findings will be published in peer-reviewed journals.
Benefits: The results of the study will identify fluvial sources for large deep-sea fans analogous to the deep-sea fans in the Bay of Bengal.