Interdisciplinary Highly-Collaborative Research

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 1, 2021 Dec 31, 2021 All Counties
Director: Gary Motz
Other Researchers: Tracy Branam, Lee Florea, Rebecca Meyer, Pratima Soni Inna Kouper, M. Esen Tuna, Dimitar Nikolov, Kimberly Cook
Funding: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Issue: Institutional data management and FAIR data practices are hallmarks of mature and functional research departments and, as the data repository and maintainer of copious volumes of research data, the IGWS is in a unique position to not only inform this study on consumption and re-use of data but also to gain insight into operational procedures from institutional data management experts at Indiana Unversity to improve existing procedures and policies.
Objective: This project will inform the D2I and UITS RDS case study on institutional data management processes at the IGWS and serve as a vehicle for feedback on how the IGWS can improve those internal processes.
Approach: Researchers from the Data 2 Insight Center and UITS Research Data Services will shadow and observe project meetings of the CRE-funded Indiana Uplands Springs Discovery and Characterization project. IHCR project staff will summarize and produce a report on processes that facilitate broad consumption, discovery, and reuse of project data with a focus on how other communities can learn from the IGWS' successes and how the IGWS can improve its own processes by learning from data management experts at IU.
Products: The IHCR team will produce a report detailing the objectives and lessons learned from these meetings and collaboration activities.
Benefits: The IGWS has the opportunity to refine the institutional data management process by consultation with data management experts from the Data 2 Insight Center and UITS Research Data Services.