Coal Mining History Story Map

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Dec 1, 2020 May 30, 2021 Outside Indiana, Outside Indiana, state, state
Director: Deborah DeChurch
Other Researchers: Chris Dintaman, Barbara Hill, Matthew Johnson, Polly Sturgeon Denver Harper, retired
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: This was a noteworthy publication that represents a large body of research work; however, it has not been available to the public for some time because it was published in Macromedia Flash. This program will be discontinued in December 2020; therefore, a conversion must be undertaken now or the pub will be lost.
Objective: Our objective is to create an easily accessible and useful story map using already written content and available photos and figures with a minimum of staff effort.
Approach: The original publication was done in Adobe Flash, which will be discontinued in December 2020. The text (already converted into a usable format) will be combined with original figures and photos using Esri Story Map. The figures will be transformed to a usable format (from Shockwave). The photographs will be ready to use as is. (Permissions for using the photos were already received from various publications.) The original publication underwent a rigorous review and will not need a full peer review because it is merely a conversion to story map. The usability and function of the story map will, however, be reviewed.
Products: The project will result in a History of Coal Mining publication that will be available to the public on the IGWS website. The story map will be divided into 28 sections that deal with four topics (markets, technology, labor, and law) during each of seven periods. The seven periods are based on changes in coal-production trends between 1880 and 1974.
Benefits: Putting this interesting and popular publication into a usable format will save it from being lost. It will benefit the public, and the Survey can add another publication to the growing number of story maps that we've published.