StateMap 2022 Bedford Quad

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Sep 1, 2020 Sep 1, 2022 Daviess, Jackson, Martin, Monroe, Orange, Washington, Dubois, Greene
Director: Don Tripp
Other Researchers: Isaac Allred, Sarah Burgess, Ginger Davis, Matthew Johnson, Robin Rupp
Funding: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - STATEMAP Program
Issue: There is a need for a more detailed geological map showing formations indicating rock types so that potential aquifers and confining units can be identified so that a hydrostratigraphy map can be generated, which would allow for a better characterization of ground water flow within the Bedford quadrangle and surrounding counties.
Objective: The objective for this project is to be able to produce a high quality geological map within one year, showing formation contacts for the northern half of the Bedford quadrangle, extending northward from Mitchell to the northern most part of the quadrangle, along the southern most shore of Monroe Lake. The next objective would be to continue mapping southward so that the entire Bedford quadrangle would be completely mapped by the end of the second year.
Approach: The approach would consist of pulling up core and outcrop descriptions from previous work performed within the region. Additionally, drill at least 5 holes per year over the two year period in areas that have minimal data and add the core descriptions of these holes to the data base. Additionally, seek out and describe road cuts that have exposed outcrops and add these descriptions to the data base. From this data base the geological map would be produced.
Products: Geological map would be produced with the use of Arc GIS, showing rock formation contacts in the form of contours.
Benefits: The results of this study would allow for the development of a hydrostratigraphy map, which in turn would allow for a better understanding and management of ground water resources within the region.