3-D reactive transport modeling of geological CO2 storage in Mount Simon formation

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Feb 1, 2020 Sep 1, 2020 Daviess, Knox
Director: Babak Shabani
Other Researchers: Dr. Chen Zhu Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Haydn Murray Professor of Applied Clay Mineralogy Adjunct Professor, Environmental Sciences Adjunct Professor, Environmental Health
Issue: 3-D reactive transport simulation of GCS in a heterogeneous reservoir is rare, and most of previous reactive transport simulations over- or under-predicted the extent of geochemical reactions (e.g., feldspar dissolution, clay precipitation, and carbonate mineralization), which could mislead scientists about interpretation of the fate of injected CO2 such as CO2 leakage to surface, shallow water contamination, CO2 injectivity against time and etc.
Objective: This project aims to build a comprehensive 3-D reactive transport model of Mt. Simon formation in south-west Indiana, and conduct multiple scenarios of CO2 (maybe CO2 alternate water) injection to study the imposed geochemical reactions and their effects on porosity and permeability.
Approach: A 3-D geological model of Mt. Simon is built in Petrel, which includes the geometry and petrophysical properties of the area of interest. Then, the geological model imported into TOUGHREACT-V3-OMP to build the reactive transport model. Rock and fluid properties, water chemistry and mineral content are gathered from literature and will be included in the model. After upscaling and QA/QCing the model, final scenarios will be ran on BigRed3 supercomputer.
Products: The results of this work will be published in a top tier geoscience journal. The constructed model can be used for more studies such as effect of CO2 impurities on GCS, contaminant transport and groundwater modeling.
Benefits: This project has helped me establish my network with faculties at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and develop my groundwater related research. The results of this work can also be used as a preliminary study for CarbonSAFE project's further phases or other GCS related funding opportunities in Illinois basin or nationwide.