E-GeoNews 2020-2021

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Dec 3, 2019 Dec 31, 2020 All Counties
Director: Deborah DeChurch
Other Researchers: Barbara Hill, Matthew Johnson, Rebecca Meyer, Polly Sturgeon
Issue: Disseminating information about the the research and work of the Indiana Geological Survey is part of its outreach to the public.
Objective: E-GeoNews, the newsletter of the Indiana Geological Survey, exists to inform people about the work and accomplishments of the Survey. It also announces events that are of interest to people interested in geology.
Approach: E-GeoNews is a free e-mail-based newsletter. It consists of short articles, that sometimes point to Web articles longer in length. It is sent to a mailing list of people that have signed up to receive news of the IGS. It is also sent to Indiana University officials, other state geological surveys, and university departments of geology in the U.S. and Canada.
Products: The e-mail newsletter is produced quarterly, with extra issues as needed.
Benefits: The newsletter benefits the public by making available information about the geology of the state, as well as publicizing events, new publications, and new research projects. The interested citizen is driven to visit the IGS website to make use of the freely available information there, and to purchase publications and data.