2020 IGWS Calendar

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Aug 1, 2019 Dec 31, 2019 All Counties
Director: Barbara Hill
Other Researchers: Tisa Bowden, Deborah DeChurch, Shalom Drummond, Janis Fox, Carlie Greven, Polly Sturgeon, Todd Thompson Day, John M.; Sutkowski, Amy;
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: The IGWS needs to make themselves more “visible” to Indiana's citizenry by using new and innovative marketing techniques. The Survey also needs to fulfill the obligation of providing an annual calendar to their clients and citizens of the State of Indiana.
Objective: By using a portion of the IGWS digital collection of mineral images in the production of our 2020 IGWS calendar, it will provide a marketing tool with which our clientele can better visualize geologic mineral specimens. The calendar also will promote the fact that the IGWS has diverse collections of digital images, not only geologic in nature, but beautiful, as well. It will show the public how geology can be used as modern frame-able wall art and combined with the practicality of a calendar.
Approach: Barb Hill will work with Amy Sutkowski to select and provide representative samples of Indiana minerals to be used in a mandala-like design. The main art piece of the calendar will be created by Amy and will be a stand-alone piece of the calendar, which may later be removed and framed by IGWS clientele, who purchase it.
Products: A 2020 Indiana Geological and Water Survey calendar will be the actual product and will be distributed to clients of the IGWS as well as sold on the IGWS website bookstore to the public.
Benefits: The calendar will serve as a marketing tool to make the IGWS more visible to other departments and offices throughout Indiana University as well as to offices and industries throughout the state of Indiana. This calendar will not only showcase our diverse collection of digital mineral images but will promote a better geologic appreciation of minerals and geology, combined to create pieces of art.