Integration of Central Baja California Research Activities

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Aug 1, 2019 Feb 28, 2022 Outside Indiana
Director: Jose Luis Antinao
Other Researchers: Elizabeth Moore Rebecca Dorsey (UO, PI and main link to research group listed in NSF EAR1925560) Tina Niemi (UMKC, PI and main link to research group listed in NSF EAR1827180)
Funding: National Science Foundation
Issue: The two projects mentioned above aim to understand the geologic and geomorphologic evolution of the central portion of the Baja California peninsula during the Neogene. Topics related to tectonics, neotectonics, paleoclimate, and biological evolution of this region of the North American continent will be tested with a combination of extensive field research and novel laboratory techniques across many institutions. Broader impacts are numerous and have direct societal effects on this region.
Objective: The goal of this IGWS project is to consolidate activities and results from research by the PI and his students at multiple institutions, in a manner that results are efficiently shared with main PIs from the grants explained above. The goal is to take advantage of synergies via sharing ideas, data, collaborating in the field and in laboratory activities.
Approach: Multiple PI and student meetings throughout the year are planned, mainly during field campaigns (normally Fall, Winter and Spring each year), and during laboratory activities for the Baja IRES work (during the Summer each year). Meetings during conferences are also planned (during 2019, GSA Annual, and AGU Fall), as well as interlaboratory visits of students during the school year. Communication and data sharing are one of the main needs.
Products: For our collaboration with Dr. Dorsey's group, no additional products are expected beyond the ones that will be prepared for our active Baja grant. For our collaboration with Dr. Niemi's group, the main product will result from student's annual research (3 different cohorts are expected from this project), which partially includes work directly related to the IGWS OSL lab.
Benefits: Inside IGWS, our Baja NSF project will benefit directly from sharing information through this network. In the case of the IRES project, our OSL lab will benefit from direct funding in the form of subcontracts from UMKC. Outside of IGWS, the benefits include, for the first time in decades, development of a strong research network with focus on the central Baja peninsula, that can serve as an engine to drive more research funds and international collaboration to understand science in this sensitive desert region.