2019-2020 Master Naturalist Program

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jul 1, 2019 Jun 30, 2020 All Counties
Director: Todd Thompson
Other Researchers: Polly Sturgeon Keith, Brian (as needed)
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: The Indiana Master Naturalist program provides citizens of Indiana with many hands-on opportunities to learn about Hoosier natural resources. Geology of the state is a component of the program and IGS staff are well-suited to teach the workshops.
Objective: Educate Master Naturalist participants about the geology of Indiana.
Approach: Teach four to five three-hour workshops on the identifying sedimentary rocks and learning about the geological history of the state.
Products: Workshops at teaching preserves, outreach centers, and fairgrounds.
Benefits: Educated citizenry.