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Development of a statistically valid program for monitoring pesticides in groundwater in the State of Indiana

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 1, 1950 Jul 31, 2012 All Counties
Director: Greg Olyphant
Other Researchers: Sally Letsinger Alex Zlotin Denver Harper
Funding: Office of the Indiana State Chemist
Issue: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invited all states to develop a plan for monitoring pesticides in groundwater. In response to that invitation, the state of Indiana developed a conceptual plan for collecting samples of groundwater in areas that were judged to be most representative of the agricultural areas of the state. The data were to be used to assess the state of contamination and to serve as a baseline for future monitoring.
Objective: A monitoring network was developed that was statistically adequate for characterizing average levels of pesticides and other agricultural byproducts in supplies of groundwater.
Approach: A geographic information system (GIS) showing hydrogeologic settings, monitoring networks within those settings, land use, and highways was developed. A link between the GIS and a database that had previously been developed by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management was created. Statistical software was developed that would allow statistical comparisons, both spatial and temporal, to be undertaken. A statistical program was written that allows menu-driven analyses to be undertaken by persons with little prior technical training.
Benefits: The project addressed health and welfare issues related to groundwater and surface-water resources throughout Indiana.

Development of a Statistically Valid Program for Monitoring Pesticides in Ground Water in the State of Indiana - Technical Report

Development of a Statistically Valid Program for Monitoring Pesticides in Ground Water in the State of Indiana—Overview

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