Trenton Limestone of Indiana

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Mar 1, 2019 Mar 1, 2020 All Counties
Director: Todd Thompson
Other Researchers: Brian Keith
Issue: The Trenton formed the earliest recognized petroleum fields in Indiana and along with northwestern Ohio formed the first giant petroleum field of North America, yet a comprehensive compilation of information about the Trenton has not been done for Indiana since the 1960s despite considerable new information from drilling since that time.
Objective: An up to date compilation on the Trenton Limestone and the distribution of dolomite within the unit in Indiana. Potential petroleum reservoirs are generally limited to areas of dolomitzation which need to be defined by mapping. The integrated information from mapping and publications will be used to write the report.
Approach: Compile a spreadsheet of Trenton dolomite thickness for wells in the PDMS with geophysical logs and/or cuttings samples (lithostrips where possible) to make a dolomite thickness map with this data. Write up information compiled for presentations to an Eastern AAPG meeting on Peru and Wabash Fields where there is detailed well information for case study of Trenton reservoirs. Incorporate published informatiopn from various sources with the compiled data into a comprehensive report for publication by the IGWS.
Products: Maps, possible cross-sections and report.
Benefits: Resource for potential further petroleum exploration of the Trenton.