Update of the Indiana Geological and Water Survey History for the IU Bicentennial

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Mar 1, 2019 Aug 31, 2019 All Counties
Director: Todd Thompson
Other Researchers: Deborah DeChurch, Nancy Hasenmueller, Barbara Hill, Polly Sturgeon
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: Indiana University is requesting that departments, centers, institutes, and museums are being asked to update their unit's history. The IGWS has a comprehensive history document from Patton (1988) with several previous versions. Patton (1988) ended with the appointment of Norman C. Hester as state geologist. Two state geologists were appointed since then. An update is needed.
Objective: Update the IGWS history document produced by Patton (1988)
Approach: Write new sections with changes since 1988 and update any needs in the earlier document. Possibly include footnotes from a timeline created by Polly Sturgeon.
Products: A report to be submitted to the IU Bicentennial committee.
Benefits: Collects in one place information about IGWS history.