DEAS Temporary Collections Management

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Feb 1, 2019 Feb 1, 2021 Outside Indiana, state
Director: Jennifer Lanman
Other Researchers: John Hettle, Gary Motz, Polly Sturgeon, Don Tripp Heather Calloway, Jess Miller-Camp, Dave Bish, Ruth Droppo, Terry Stigall, Kimberly Cook
Issue: Storage space is at a premium, and many DEAS collections do not currently have active caregivers. The IGWS and DEAS have collaborated in many ways for many things as sister institutions within IU, and extending this collaboration to assist with preservation of historic collections and their management during building renovation is an appropriate partnership.
Objective: - oversee movement of collections to temporary storage - maintain safety and security of collections for duration of temporary custody - incorporate assessment and inventory of collections with ongoing IGWS collections activities at Otis.
Approach: - adhere to best practices for managing long-term loans - adhere to best practices for managing geologic specimen collections
Benefits: - Relationship building between DEAS and IGWS as closely affiliated IU entities. - Reestablishment of active care for DEAS collections - possibility of improved access to DEAS collections for research in future