IGWS Specimen and Non-Paper Collections Management

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jul 1, 2019 Jun 30, 2021 All Counties
Director: Jennifer Lanman
Other Researchers: Jayson Eldridge, Garrett Marietta, Polly Sturgeon, Don Tripp Kimberly Cook, Stephen Todd
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - National Geologic and Geophysical Data Preservation Program
Issue: The temporary move has consolidated all IGWS archived specimens in a single location, providing an ideal opportunity over the course of the next four to five years to pre-prep for the return to the renovated Survey building. IGWS has specifically been tasked with space reduction for these collections by IU Space Planning. Further, assessment is required to identify the extent of items damaged or fully lost during the move to temporary housing and plan for mitigating similar issues during the return move.
Objective: Short-Term - fulfill CAP goal of creating an item-level inventory of materials - document materials damaged in the move to the temporary housing location - identify and transfer or expunge materials not appropriate for repository, education collection, or outreach giveaway activities - reclaim misidentified, partially identified, poorly identified, or unidentified materials for reincorporation in previously curated collections - standardize nomenclature to incorporate into the System for Earth Sample Registration (SESAR) and obtain IGSN numbers Medium-term - identify and clearly differentiate between known donated collections, collections generated through in-house fieldwork, and loaned materials - research and resolve any identified provenance and usage questions or concerns, especially those related to historic "found-in-collection" materials - accurately determine housing issues and needs for materials beyond core library prior to return to renovated building - correlate SESAR nomenclature with Dana, Strunz, Hey's CIM, ABCD-EFG, OGC GeoSciML, and DarwinCore as appropriate (preferably as an automatic, back-end relational assignment within the CMS, especially where the mineralogical classifications are concerned) Long-term - increase accessibility to materials - mitigate future loss of materials - create appropriate archival environment for housing materials in perpetuity
Approach: Because of the scope of this project in terms of length and extent, the specifics of approach may shift as areas of focus change, but will follow this general principle: - recognize that the term "specimen" is purposefully used in its broadest context to incorporate materials from all disciplines employed within the Survey - adhere to best practices for managing geologic specimen collections - identify data subsets that are manageable and quantifiable within a specified grant period to utilize funds from NGGDPP, IMLS, and elsewhere as available
Products: - Searchable specimen catalogs, ideally accessible through a collections management system with public facing web portal (see reinitialized Collections Management System project). - Broader collection visibility via USGS NDC and SESAR
Benefits: Consolidation of, organization of, and improved access to IGWS materials for research and public service.