PfEC: Urban Green Infrastructure geospatial data portal development

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Nov 1, 2018 Jul 30, 2019 Marion, Monroe
Director: Gary Motz
Other Researchers: Deborah DeChurch, Chris Dintaman, Kathleen Griffin, Barbara Hill, Matthew Johnson, Clayton McGuire, Rebecca Meyer, Kevin Russell, Polly Sturgeon Heather Reynolds (IUB Biology), Robert Montoya (IUB Information and Library Science), Amy Doster (IUB Information and Library Science), Sarah Mincey (IUB Integrated Program in the Environment), Samantha Hamlin (IU Environmental Resilience Institute), Jeff Wilson (IUPUI Geography), Abigail Sullivan (IU Environmental Resilience Institute)
Funding: Indiana University - Planning for Environmental Change Grand Challenge
Issue: The Urban Green Infrastructure team is developing metrics by which they can assess community-based metrics for climate resiliency with green infrastructure in Indiana cities.
Objective: We will create an ArcGIS Online organizational account for ERIGIS and build several StoryMaps, data layers, and gallery features for the data synthesis and visualization needs of the Grand Challenges.