Gary Motz
Geological Research at the IGS

Incorporation of high-resolution Indiana GIS data into Flyover Country via Macrostrat

Status Start Date End Date Locations
Active Jan 1, 2018 Dec 31, 2018 All Counties
Director: Gary Motz
Other Researchers: Kevin Russell Andrew Zaffos, Arizona Geological Survey John Czaplewski, Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey
Funding: National Science Foundation
Issue: Much of the IGWS data are not widely discoverable or accessible by the general public.
Objective: To enhance wonder and knowledge of the natural resources of the State of Indiana by incorporating geologic data into the Flyover Country mobile app.
Approach: We will utilize the Macrostrat API to contribute FGDC CSDGM compliant metadata and geodatabase from IGWS data archives to both Macrostrat and Flyover Country.
Products: Flyover Country and Macrostrat, with additional Indiana data.
Benefits: Mutual benefit for the general public and the IGWS will be achieved by making our data more readily findable and relevant via mobile apps.

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