Development of a IGWS Publication Management System

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 1, 2018 Jul 1, 2018 All Counties
Director: Lee Florea
Other Researchers: Deborah DeChurch, Nancy Hasenmueller, Barbara Hill, Clayton McGuire, Gary Motz, Todd Thompson Richard Higgans and Sarah Hare - Indiana University Libraries
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: The current IGWS publication review system, which functional, does not provide easy tracking and notification options. It also does not track publications from 'cradle to grave' and provides no linkages to external portals for discoverability.
Objective: The revised system will function as a peer-reviewed journal open to submission and review from IGWS and non-IGWS staff. Items reviewed for external publication will be stored in a 'dark archive' with publication numbers used internally for staff reporting and IGWS productivity metrics. Publications reviewed for internal publication will have DOI numbers assigned and will become available in a 'live archive' as indexable items available for open access.
Approach: The project will comprise three components. 1) IGWS policy revisions: - Revising types of IGWS publications - Revising the approach to authorship - Revising the methods of review 2) System design: - Management and workflow - Notification and tracking - Archive and dissemination 3) Development and testing: - Coordination with IU Libraries - Implementation of OJS 3 with proposed architecture - Beta testing and revisions
Products: A live publication management system managed by the IGWS and available to the larger geoscience community.
Benefits: The revised publication management system will streamline how IGWS publications are produced and will increase discoverability of science conducted by IGWS staff. The system will open opportunities for publication and review to non-IGWS geoscience professionals.