IMLS: Promoting Digital Access and (Re-)Discovery of the IU Paleontology Collection

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Oct 1, 2016 Sep 30, 2019 All Counties
Director: Gary Motz
Other Researchers: Alyssa Bancroft, Polly Sturgeon David Polly, Claudia Johnson, Alex Zimmerman
Funding: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Issue: Researchers (even alumni of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences) fail to acknowledge that the IU Paleontology Collection is an active and viable research repository for specimen based paleobiology research.
Objective: To enhance the accessibility and discoverability of the type and figured specimens (especially including the entirety of the Rexroad conodont collection) via high-resolution macrophotography.
Approach: We will develop high-throughput photographic workflows to image the fossil collections, use crowd-sourcing to distribute the images to a network of volunteer label transcribers to augment collection metadata, and build an SQL database of samples, collection events, and localities.
Products: 30,000 digital images and 2500 specimen records.
Benefits: Enhanced accessibility and discoverability of the type and figured specimens of the IU Paleontology Collection, especially focusing upon the conodonts of IGS researcher Carl Rexroad.