Feasibility Assessment of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Options in the Central Illinois Basin, Illinois

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Apr 1, 2017 Mar 31, 2019 All Counties
Director: Kevin Ellett
Other Researchers: Cristian Medina Illinois State Geological Survey
Funding: Illinois State Geological Survey
Issue: Is CCS a safe and effective carbon management strategy in single county within the Illinois Basin?
Objective: The Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) will perform work as part of a larger project designed to develop a large-volume, carbon storage complex at an industrial facility in the United States. The objective of the IGS’s research will be to support the evaluation of the subsurface geological sequestration potential for an integrated commercial-scale CO2 capture, transport, and storage system. The IGS will be conducting tasks that contribute to the evaluation of potential storage reservoirs and seals that reside in the subsurface in an area surrounding a series of oil and gas fields located in a series of counties in the central portion of the Illinois Basin, Illinois. This area is host to a number of CO2 generating facilities and therefore a storage system at the site in Macon County could serve as key component of a larger system that integrates multiple sources in the region. A major emphasis of the project will be to develop an effective team capable of addressing the technical, geologic, engineering, economic, legal, policy, and stakeholder elements related to implementation of a real-world CO2 storage project. To assist in the accomplishment of this goal, the IGS will coordinate with the Illinois State Geological Survey staff and other partners in their effort to address the overall needs of the project. The specific emphasis of the IGS contribution to the team will be in the realms of 1) technical assessment of geological systems and 2) evaluation of regional infrastructural and regulatory components.
Approach: The IGS will leverage off of its existing experience and technical understanding of the geological sequestration potential of the Illinois Basin region. As part of the assessment, the activities by the IGS investigators will center on assessing the characteristics of several prospective reservoirs and seal systems located at the site. To accomplish this, the IGS will use the techniques and experience gained by assessing these stratigraphic units as part of the efforts of the DOE Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership program. Additionally, the IGS will capitalize on experience and aptitude gained under the US China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) while collaborating with Las Alamos National Laboratory using SimCCUS on integrated source-sink-transport modeling.
Products: Quarterly Reports, a Final Report, Publications and Presentations at Technical Conferences
Benefits: By Characterizing these reservoirs and seals more effectively and determining the storage volumes of CO2 that can be emplaced, the IGS will contribute a technical basis to policy makers who are considering CCS in the region as a carbon management strategy.