Unconsolidated sediment (soil) core description database forms - Core-nucopia

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Aug 10, 2016 Dec 31, 2018 All Counties
Director: Robert Autio
Other Researchers: Rebecca Meyer, Shawn Naylor
Issue: A great deal of effort is put into describing soil core for various geologic investigations but recording descriptors on paper forms and then converting that paper data to an electronic format for further processing is cumbersome and rarely accomplished.
Products: A MS Access database form is being designed using geologic understanding and populated with standardized descriptors or "valid values."
Benefits: Benefits include: 1. Tool for IGS geologists to efficiently describe soil cores. 2. Tool for creating an industry-standardized core description. 3. Tool for creating a database of core descriptions (i.e., golden spikes) to advance the understanding the geologic framework of Indiana. 4. Tool to educate students on the soil description method. 5. Tool for student workers to use to help us process the multiple meters of core that collected in each investigation. 6. Tool for private industry to use in their investigations and continue the IGS mission of outreach and public education. 7. Tool to provide a method to collect geologic data from private industry.