IM Producers Indiana Map Update, Storymap, and Data Download Services

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed May 5, 2016 Dec 31, 2016 All Counties
Director: Kathryn Shaffer
Other Researchers: Michael Daniels, Deborah DeChurch, Chris Dintaman, Richard Hill, Matthew Johnson, Rebecca Meyer
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: In the past, these data have only existed in a paper publication and an IndianaMap layer.
Objective: This objective of this project is to improve public access to data pertaining to Indiana industrial mineral mines.
Approach: The IndianaMap layer will be updated with current data, and a StoryMap with introductory front matter will be created. The StoryMap will include an interactive map with the ability to change display based on different commodities and data points will have pop-up boxes containing mine contact information. A database will be created to allow for printable data to be downloaded in several different ways (eg. by company, by county, by commodity), and a front-end will be built to allow for easy quarterly updates.
Products: Products will include an IndianaMap layer and a new StoryMap.
Benefits: Geoscientists will find it useful to see where mines are producing and layers of stratigraphy are exposed, especially if they need to collect samples for a project they are conducting. The general public will find it useful to see locations nearby where they can acquire materials. Mining companies can use the maps to see potential markets and see who their closest competitors are. Consulting geologists will find it useful to help clients locate new mines. Government agencies will find it useful for land-use planning.