GeoMinute video series

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jul 1, 2016 Jun 30, 2018 All Counties
Director: Barbara Hill
Other Researchers: Polly Sturgeon John Day (IGS) IGS researchers as determined
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: With so few staff, it is difficult to educate the public on many current geologic topics. One method of reaching many of our constituents is via online videos. Shooting numerous one-minute videos about common subjects being studied by our researchers, is a viable method of marketing the IGS and its expertise.
Objective: To reach much of the public sector in Indiana using the “Youtube” methodology, by shooting short (1 minute) topical geologic subjects. This will be done by interviewing existing personnel about their current research or area of expertise and by using mostly existing equipment.
Approach: Polly Sturgeon will decide on geologic subjects of interest and write up a short script by working with existing staff and researchers, having expertise about the subject. Barb Hill and John Day will shoot video clips to edit together into short (1 minute) impactful videos, using Adobe Premiere software and will be obtained for free from Indiana University. Existing camera and lighting equipment will be used to begin this project, with the only necessary purchase being a lavalier microphone and possibly a pop-up background for shooting on-site. Once it has been decided whether or not the project is successful, there may be some additional purchases necessary to add interest from previous videos or for special situations, but the costs, again, should be minimal.
Products: IGS Videos hosted on our website/YouTube channel. It is possible, that the videos could be sold to teachers and clients to educate others on geologic subject materials and could be made available on our Bookstore for a minimal cost.
Benefits: The benefits would be to show off our geologic expertise on relevant topics using the technology that the IGS already possesses, as well as using the existing staff. This would be a way to work smarter not harder, since we only have one Outreach Coordinator and a minimal number of staff members to market the IGS and its abilities and geologic expertise. It also will show how the IGS has embraced technology.