Indiana Limestone Photo Collection: Digitization and Dissemination

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 12, 2016 Jun 30, 2016 Outside Indiana, state
Director: Licia Weber
Other Researchers: Barbara Hill Robin Nolin
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: The previously hidden Indiana Limestone Photograph Collection (ILPC) documents the industrialization and growth of the nation from the early 19th century forward. Covering all building types in nearly all 50 states, it illustrates how Indiana limestone was used by both the private and public sectors, and across divisions of class. There is no other known collection that represents Indiana Limestone and its impact on the building of the United States. It represents a significant and unique resource that will provide
Objective: To make this image collection and its associated metadata digital and available to researchers, scholars, and the general public through Indiana University's Image Collections Online (ICO) site and creating an interactive GIS website that will enable users to visualize, question, and interpret data to reveal spatial and temporal relationships, patterns, and trends.
Approach: The photographs and their attached metadata will continue to be processed through the established procedures already in place. This involves: 1. Sorting and organizing the photos, 2. Selecting photos to be cleaned and scanned, 3. Entering metadata and location information for georeferencing into ILPC Excel spreadsheet, 4. Editing the digital image (rotating, cropping, scaling) for uploading to IU Library's ICO site.
Products: Products will include the digital surrogates of ILPC photographs, their associated metadata and location coordinates for inclusion into Indiana University Image Collections Online (ICO) website and an IGS interactive GIS website.
Benefits: This hidden collection, discovered at the very doorstep of Indiana University, is a rare local find that will become a one-of-a-kind scholarly resource of national significance. The digitization, archiving, and online access of this unique resource will add a new perspective to scholarly research; allowing for expansion of topics and questions that will evolve as the depth and richness of the collection is discovered and used. The wide access offered through Indiana University Libraries online collections, as well as partnerships with other national organizations that will feature the collection, will make the ILPC a truly discoverable and coherent compendium of our nation's architectural, historical, cultural, and social heritage. By digitizing this collection, the IGS in collaboration with IU Libraries, and utilizing the technological resources at Indiana University, will be able to enhance the emerging global digital research environment and support new kinds of scholarship for the long term.