Coalbed gas potential in Indiana

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Sep 1, 2013 Dec 31, 2017 All Counties
Director: Maria Mastalerz
Other Researchers: Agnieszka Drobniak LaBraun Hampton
Issue: Indiana coals contain significant quantities of gas that can be used as a resources. Our research investigates the origin of the gas and its quality as well as controls of its distribution
Objective: The main objective is to carry out the research that helps to understand and to utilize this clean source of energy from coal
Approach: We carry out field work, perform laboratory experiments (gas desorption, various analysis), calculate the gas volumes and interpret the data
Products: Numerous publication and presentations. A few recent examples are listed below. Mastalerz, M., Coalbed methane: Reserves, Production, and Future Outlook. In: T. Letcher, Ed. Future Energy, second edition. 2014, 145-158. Gao. L., Mastalerz, M., Schimmelmann, A. 2014. The origin of coalbed gas. In: P. Thakur and K. Aminian (Eds) Coal bed methane: From prospect to pipeline. Coal Bed Methane. Elsevier. 2014, 2-29.
Benefits: Benefit for Indiana to understand and use CBM resources. . For us it will add data to our CBM database, and also gives us opportunity for valuable collaboration with industry