Assessment of Potential for Induced Seismicity in the Illinois Basin

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Feb 1, 2016 Sep 1, 2016 All Counties
Director: John Rupp
Other Researchers: Charles Zuppann, Matthew Johnson Michael Hamburger, Gary Pavlis, Herschel McDivitt (IN DOG) External Funding IU ACCT NUMBER 47-433-32
Funding: Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - Division of Oil and Gas (DOG)
Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: Project to assess the potential of inducing seismic events by subsurface injection of saltwater, and possibly CO2
Objective: Determine if there are threshold values of pressures and volumes of injected fluids that could trigger earthquakes. Provide technical analysis to the policy makers and regulatory community that governs oil and gas development in the state and region.
Approach: Compile all know volumes and pressure from Class II injection wells in the state. Supplement these data with selected data from Illinois and Kentucky. Analyze all know low magnitude earthquake data. Possibly acquire new earthquake data to merge with injection data and search for possible linkages.
Products: IGS Open File Study of compiled data and preliminary conclusions.
Benefits: Essential information for Indiana Division of Oil and Gas to have in order to effectively regulate the safe development of the state's hydrocarbon resources.