Drew Packman
Geological Research at the IGS

STATEMAP 2015 Morgan County

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jun 1, 2015 May 31, 2016 Morgan
Director: Patrick McLaughlin
Other Researchers: Douglas Anderson, Walter Hasenmueller, Matthew Johnson, Henry Loope, Drew Packman, Robin Rupp, Kevin Russell, Todd Thompson
Funding: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - STATEMAP Program
Issue: The Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) STATEMAP program addresses a variety of societal, scientific, and operational needs within the context of the IGS long-term mapping plan. Water resources, development along transportation corridors, and mineral resource assessment are planning issues in the 2015 STATEMAP Morgan County projects that are closely linked to scientific interpretation of bedrock and Quaternary geology.
Objective: The 2015 STATEMAP project will produce (1) a preliminary bedrock geologic map of the Mooresville East 7.5-minute quadrangle (1:24,000-scale) with a cross section and detailed descriptions of map units and (2) preliminary detailed Quaternary geologic maps of the Martinsville and Mooresville West 7.5-minute quadrangles (1:24,000-scale) with cross sections and detailed descriptions of map units.
Approach: Mapping priorities are determined on the basis of several criteria, including the practical need to concentrate mapping efforts in corridors and centers of growth, the distribution of completed and in-progress work, the availability of data, opportunities for inter-agency cooperation, and opportunities for education and outreach.
Products: Project 1–Bedrock geology of Morgan County, Indiana: Preliminary bedrock geologic map of the Mooresville East 7.5-minute quadrangle (1:24,000-scale) Project 2–Quaternary geology of Morgan County, Indiana: (1) Preliminary Quaternary geologic map of the Martinsville 7.5-minute quadrangle (1:24,000-scale) and (2) Preliminary Quaternary geologic map of the Mooresville West 7.5-minute quadrangle (1:24,000)
Benefits: Through their mapping efforts, the IGS staff hopes to promote broad-based geological understanding amongst our citizens, our most important customers, and bridge the gap between the highly technical nature of science and the need for general earth information. The detailed maps and cross sections that result from the Morgan County projects will help planners address issues relating to water and mineral resources in the area. The detailed mapping will facilitate production of 1:48,000-scale bedrock and Quaternary geologic maps of Morgan County.

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