National Geologic Mapping Database (NGMDB) Map Catalog 2015-2017

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Aug 1, 2015 Oct 30, 2017 All Counties
Director: Robin Rupp
Other Researchers:
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: Archived geologic maps data should have a standardized format for keywords, themes, location, and publisher that guides users to useful maps and provides information on how and where to locate paper and/or digitized copies of geologic maps that show Indiana geology.
Objective: Ensure that geologic maps published by the IGS and other Indiana geologic maps are properly represented in the USGS Map Catalog.
Approach: Serve as the IGS contact for the USGS Map Catalog. Assess IGS map references currently in the NGMDB. Develop and implement plans to increase the quantity and quality of IGS geologic map references and other Indiana geologic map references in the USGS Map Catalog. Add new IGS maps and publications to the NGMDB as they become available and add non-IGS geologic map references to the NGMDB.
Products: Submit a spreadsheet containing new map references and other data required for USGS Map Catalog references to the USGS by October of each year. Maintain an IGS NGMDB Map Catalog database that includes all map references submitted to the USGS Map Catalog plus other map references and additional map data.
Benefits: Map references submitted to the USGS Map Catalog will ensure that IGS map products in the USGS Map Catalog are complete and current. References in the IGS NGMDB Map Catalog not submitted to the USGS Map Catalog are a source of bibliographic data for Indiana.