Indiana Coal Mine Information System

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Oct 1, 2013 Sep 30, 2015
Director: Rebecca Meyer
Other Researchers:
Funding: Abandoned Mine Lands Program
Issue: Prior to 1981, Indiana's underground and surface coal-mine data existed in various formats and at various locations throughout the state. At that time the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) and the Division of Reclamation's (DOR) Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Program began a cooperative agreement to compile and organize coal mine data. Over the past 19 years, the Survey has compiled, organized, and mapped Indiana coal-mine information and made it available in digital format--the Coal Mine Information System (CMIS). Recent efforts have involved incorporating this information into a geographic information system (GIS) and database management system.
Objective: The IGS maintains and updates the CMIS GIS database to provide accessible and functional data, technical assistance to the AML Program, and to respond to requests for information from the public. GIS and database applications are created to improve access to AML's historical and contemporary water-quality database.
Approach: The Indiana Geological Survey continues to collect and convert old mine workings maps into a digital format. We compile and update mine data into a GIS and relational database, using ESRI Internet map server technology to distribute mine information through the IGS Web site.
Products: The IGS maintains an integrated GIS and database management system for use by the Indiana Department of Reclamation and IGS. We have produced a variety of maps, including regional, county, and U.S. Geological Survey guadrangle-scale maps that show detailed information related to coal mining in Indiana. The Indiana Coal Mine Information System is available for anyone to use over the IGS Web site at Also available from Web site are mine data sheets and original workings maps.
Benefits: The Indiana Coal Mine Information System provides crucial information related to coal mining and mine subsidence to agencies around the state, to industry, and to the general public.

Coal Mine Information System (CMIS)