Nancy Hasenmueller
Geological Research at the IGS

Digital GIS compilation of selected data from Gas Potential of the New Albany Shale (Devonian and Mississippian) in the Illinois Basin

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 1, 1950 Jul 31, 2000
Director: Nancy Hasenmueller
Other Researchers: David G. Morse, Illinois State Geological Survey; Brandon C. Nuttall, Kentucky Geological Survey
Issue: Commercial gas has been produced from the New Albany Shale (Devonian and Mississippian) from several shallow long-lived fields in southern Indiana and western Kentucky. The recently discovered shallow gas production in Michigan from the Antrim Shale, which is in large part equivalent to the New Albany Shale, has stimulated new interest in the gas potential of the New Albany in the Illinois Basin.
Objective: The objectives of the original study, completed in 1994, were to update, compile, review, and interpret available literature, maps, and unpublished data concerning the gas potential of the New Albany Shale in the Illinois Basin. A basinwide cooperative approach using the expertise of scientists from the Illinois Basin Consortium, comprising the Illinois State Geological Survey, the Indiana Geological Survey, and the Kentucky Geological Survey, was employed to produce basinwide maps and stratigraphic cross sections relating to the gas potential.
Approach: The text and figures from the original 83-page GRI-92/0391, Illinois Basin Studies 2 report have been converted into an electronic file. The map plates and stratigraphic cross sections have been converted into a geographic information system (GIS) format.
Products: Paper copies of the basinwide map plates (scale 1:1,000,000) and stratigraphic cross section are available from the Indiana Geological Survey Bookstore at
Benefits: Putting the report in a digital format makes it readily accessible to gas producers, operators, scientists, and the public. Having the maps in a GIS format makes it possible for operators to overlay or combine other data files with the map data. Making the electronic information generally available should aid operators in identifying additional Midwest gas sources, thus potentially reducing costs to the local users.

GIS compilation of gas potential of the New Albany Shale [GRI CD]

GIS Compilation of Gas Potential of the New Albany Shale in the Illinois Basin
Hasenmueller, N.R., and Comer, J.B., eds., 2000, GIS compilation of gas potential of the New Albany Shale in the Illinois Basin: GRI-00/0068/IBCS4, CD-ROM.

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