Monitoring and Modeling a Large-Scale Experiment to Change the Direction of Groundwater Flow at the Blackfoot Reclamation Site in Pike County: Part 2 Assessing the Efficacy of Reclamation that Includes the Construction of a Large Wetland/Bioreactor System

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed May 1, 2011 Mar 31, 2015 Pike
Director: Greg Olyphant
Other Researchers: Tracy Branam Jack Haddan
Funding: Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - Division of Reclamation (DOR)
Issue: Ongoing work by CGDA personnel, which is being conducted in cooperation with personnel of the IDNR-DOR, on bioreactor systems in southern Indiana has placed the group at the forefront of the scientific community’s efforts to optimize the utility of these promising treatment systems.
Objective: The project will involve a continuation of hydrochemical monitoring with much emphasis placed on the evaluation of the performance of a large wetland/bioreactor system that is being designed to treat acid mine drainage that is discharging from a valley located within this abandoned mine land site.
Approach: The Blackfoot Reclamation Experiment will require a three year period of additional investigation. In the first year we will collect additional and necessary data on current conditions. The remainder of the project will be dedicated to evaluating the performance of the wetland bioreactor and the effects of reclamation on the quality of water leaving the site.
Products: 1.Detailed data sets and model output capable of evaluating and diagnosing the large-scale experiment in hydrologic manipulation of the mine spoil aquifer at the Blackfoot Reclamation Site. 2.Guidelines for design of any additional treatment systems of on-site mine waters. Further improvements in a coupled physical-chemical model for predicting the long-term behavior of sulfate reducing wetland/bioreactor systems. These deliverables will be presented in reports to appropriate agencies, as well as peer- reviewed publications, conference presentations, and a dissertation or master’s thesis.