Mine Map Acquisition and Digital Archiving Project

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Oct 1, 2010 Sep 30, 2011 All Counties
Director: Licia Weber
Other Researchers: Rebecca Meyer Elke Pessl
Funding: Abandoned Mine Lands Program
Office of Surface Mining
Issue: This proposed project addresses a significant need to continue the digital capture of time-sensitive data from a historic resource, the coal mine maps housed at the Indiana State Archives. This effort will preserve this invaluable and fragile resource by creating a digital archive of these deteriorating paper maps.
Objective: To continue the preservation of Indiana’s historic coal mine map information through the collection, processing, scanning, georeferencing, digital archiving, and electronic distribution of Indiana’s historic coal mine maps through the IGS CMIS project and Web site.
Approach: Maps collected from the Indiana state Archives are 1) flattened, 2) repaired and prepared for scanning using modern preservation standards, 3) scanned, and 4) the digital image is edited to improve legibility for georeferencing and distribution.
Products: Digital images of historic coal mine maps representing visual equivalents of the original paper document. These images are integrated into the CMIS and archived at the IGS and the OSM Mine Map Repository in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Benefits: The increased accuracy provided by this project’s georeferenced mine map images provides Indiana’s citizens, utility companies, state project planners, etc., as well as the Division of Reclamation’s Restoration Program, with more reliable information to conduct mining history investigations and in depth site analyses.

Indiana Coal Mine Information System (CMIS)