Bedrock Geology of Bartholomew County, Indiana

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed May 1, 2010 Apr 13, 2013 Bartholomew
Director: Walter Hasenmueller
Other Researchers: Walter A. Hasenmueller
Issue: Columbus, Indiana is a major manufacturing center located in central Bartholomew County. Planning for growth in this community and along the transportation corridors that connect it with surrounding metropolitan areas requires detailed information about the potential resources and hazards posed by the geologic materials found in Bartholomew County.
Objective: This project has two objectives: 1) address the need for detailed geologic information about Bartholomew County by constructing a detailed geologic map of the county that shows the distribution of bedrock units that may contain resources or contribute to geologic hazards; and 2) develop new computer modeling techniques that facilitate the construction of three-dimensional (3-D) geologic models.
Approach: The bedrock geologic map of Bartholomew County will be constructed by assembling a database of existing public-domain geologic records that document the spatial distribution of geologic units in and near Bartholomew County. This database will be used to construct preliminary 3-D geologic models that will guide the efficient collection of new surface and subsurface geologic data that will be added to the database. The completed database will be used to construct the final 3-D geologic model from which the bedrock geologic map will be derived.
Products: Printed 1:24,000-scale preliminary bedrock geologic maps will be made available as IGS Open-File Studies to document project progress. The final 1:48,000-scale bedrock geologic map will be published in the IGS Miscellaneous Map series.
Benefits: Detailed geologic maps are the best resource for identifying and evaluating potential geologic resources and hazards. The 3-D geologic model that underlies the final 1:48,000-scale bedrock geologic map can be used to construct other specialized map products such as isopach and overburden maps that complement the geologic map, thus providing additional tools that planners can use to evaluate potential geologic resources and hazards. The improved techniques for modeling complex surfaces like the bedrock surface in Bartholomew County will benefit future geologic mapping projects.