Augusta Lake project

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 1, 1950 Jul 31, 2015 Pike
Director: Tracy Branam
Other Researchers: John B. Comer, , Ron Smith, Peg Ennis
Funding: Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - Division of Reclamation (DOR)
Issue: Major river systems in southwestern Indiana continue to be degraded by acid runoff from abandoned mine lands. Restoring these riverine ecosystems requires continuing evaluation and appropriate implementation of a variety of acid abatement strategies.
Objective: The purpose of this project is to abate acid mine drainage that forms at the site and improve the quality of water in Augusta Lake which flows into the Patoka River.
Approach: Collect and analyze bi-monthly the outflow from Augusta Lake and from wetlands, anoxic limestone drains, and successive alkaline-producing systems constructed east of the lake to abate acid runoff from the area.
Products: The publication, Effects of Passive Reclamation on Water Quality in the Northeastern Drainage of Augusta Lake, Pike County, Indiana: Chemical Analysis QA/QC, by J.B. Comer, M.V. Ennis, T.D. Branam, L.R. Welp, N.E. Morales, S.A. Sobiech, and T.P. Simon, 2000, Indiana Geological Survey Open-File Study 00-02, was published. The final report contains chemical analyses, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC), evaluations of the performance of the constructions, and recommendations for future treatment.
Benefits: This project will enhance and improve existing coal-mine reclamation protocols, with special emphasis on acidic surface-water drainage remediation.

IGS Helps State Improve Waters Impacted by Acidic Mine Drainage