Integrate Indiana's Broadband Map into the IndianaMap

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Apr 1, 2010 Sep 30, 2011 All Counties
Director: Chris Dintaman
Other Researchers: Rick Hill, Denver Harper
Funding: Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC)
Issue: A national project is currently underway to map the distribution and availability of broadband internet services. A public-private partnership, in cooperation with ISP, is gathering and processing data to create a GIS layer. While this mapping effort progresses, it will be necessary to make these data and their subsquent updates availabe to the public. As part of this effort, the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) proposes to perform the tasks related to publishing these data.
Objective: One of the requirements of the Map Indiana Broadband project is to make the data available to the public. This will be accomplished by adding the broadband map data to the IndianaMap ( as hosted by the IGS. Also as part of this contract, the IGS will updae the supporting technology.
Approach: -To review the broadband map data as tehy become available. -To work with the data providers to produce metadata that is compliant with standards of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). -To incorporate the broadband map data, together with their metadata, into the IndianaMap Atlas. -To make the broadband map data available for download through IndianaMap Web site. -To review and process update to the boradband map data and metadata, and to incorporate the updates into the IndianaMap Atlas. -To continue to maintain, support, and update the IndianaMap Atlas on a monthly basis. This will include updates to various GIS layers as they become available, together with their metadata. -To migrate the IndianaMap Atlas from ESRI ArcIMS technology to ESRI ArcGIS Server (AGS) technology. -To develop, as necessary, specialized Web-based map viewers in addition to the IndianaMap Atlas.
Products: IndianaMap GIS Broadband Mapped layers, metadata, and download with possibly topical or specialized Web-based map viewers.