Web-based interactive map of biofuels production and retail facilities

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 2, 2007 Jul 31, 2010 All Counties
Director: John Rupp
Other Researchers:
Issue: The state of Indiana, in response to the changing dynamics of energy and, especially, liquid transportation fuels, is producing and distributing ethanol and biodiesel. Knowing the location of the production facilities and the retail distribution points is necessary for the effective production and distribution of products. A consolidated biofuels production/distribution map can be used to assist economic development both from a manufacturing facility location standpoint as well as for retail distribution.
Objective: The Indiana Geological Survey will provide accurate and timely information about the location and basic attributes of biofuels production facilities and distribution outlets located within the state.
Approach: The Indiana State Department of Agriculture will provide facility location data to the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) on a regular basis. The IGS will convert facility addresses to point locations and integrate new facility locations into an interactive mapping Web site hosted by the IGS.
Products: The biofuels map of Indiana is available from the projects page at: http://igs.indiana.edu/survey/projects/biofuels/web/index.html.
Benefits: Timely and accurate information is key to decision making. In this case, the location and basic information about the evolving biofuels industry within the state will facilitate economic development and allow more people access to this new source of liquid transportation fuel.