Geochemistry Database

Status Start Date End Date Locations
completed Jan 1, 2000 Jun 30, 2015 All Counties
Director: Tracy Branam
Other Researchers: John B. Comer
Funding: Indiana University - Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Issue: The IGS produces many sets of comprehensive geochemical data for a wide variety of materials, including rocks, minerals, fossils, oil, gas, and water. These data sets are available in numerous publications, but there is no central database that can be searched for specific data.
Objective: The objective of this project is to develop an easily accessible database for the Indiana Geological Survey's large and growing inventory of geochemical data.
Approach: We are creating a database (using SQL or "structured query language") and related tables containing information about the chemical composition of specific samples, analytical methods and quality-control protocols, sample location, and publications describing results.
Products: The final product will be a Web-based relational database that can be searched online.
Benefits: This comprehensive online Geochemistry Database will allow scientists, planners, and members of the public to retrieve geochemical data for the state of Indiana rapidly and efficiently.