Updated: October 10, 2013

PDMS Basic and Premium Subscription Versions

Basic Subscription

The Indiana Geological and Water Survey maintains extensive geologic records, well data and sample collections for the state. The Petroleum Database Management System (PDMS) provides information on nearly 75,000 petroleum wells at its online website. Users can access and search the database to find, obtain, and print reports, maps, and other well data. The Survey does not charge for viewing or downloading drilling reports and other types of records submitted by operators, geologists, landowners, government agencies or industry; we strive to make these records conveniently accessible at no charge via the PDMS Basic Service.

Premium Subscription

Other features, reports, and interpretations in the PDMS are created by geologists and other professionals employed by the Survey. Value-added features such as these are only included in the PDMS Premium Subscription Service. To help offset the cost of providing and maintaining the PDMS, the Survey now charges an annual subscription fee for participating in the Premium Service.

Subscribe to the PDMS Premium Version

  1. Sign up for an IGWS web account at igws.indiana.edu. Click the Sign In button to create this account. Follow the online instructions. To help keep your personal information secure, do not create a username or password that you have used for other online accounts. Signing up for a PDMS account will give you an IGWS username and password, but will NOT yet give you access to the PDMS Premium Subscription Service.
  2. Read the PDMS Terms of Service Agreement document. By submitting payment to purchase the PDMS Premium Subscription Service, you have agreed to the Terms of Service Agreement.
  3. Contact the Publications Sales office and tell the clerk that you would like to purchase the PDMS Premium Subscription Service. The service costs $500 for an annual subscription fee, payable via check or credit card.

      Indiana Geological and Water Survey
      1001 E. 10th St.
      Bloomington, IN 47405
      Phone: (812) 855-7636
      Email: igwsinfo@indiana.edu
  4. The Publication Sales clerk will process your order. The process usually takes about one (1) business day. The clerk will contact you when your PDMS Premium Subscription Service account is ready. You should verify your account by Signing In to your IGWS account and opening the PDMS Website. This account will give you access to all of the data in the databases and on the interactive maps.
  5. If you have trouble accessing your account or need to have a question answered please contact:

      Ryan Kammer
      Indiana Geological and Water Survey
      1001 E. 10th St.
      Bloomington, IN 47405
      Phone: (812) 855-5812
      Email: rkammer@indiana.edu

Feature, Data, or Service Premium (subscription) Basic
Main Structure of PDMS Online Resource
Table Viewer (Well Record Page)
Searching for Well Data
Downloading Well Data Batch N/A
Downloading Logs and Reports Single Single
Well History Report  
Well Header
Location Table
Event Header
Well Events Table
Well Event Subtables
PreDrill Subtable
Field Check Subtable
Reports Subtable No Strat Picks Form
Log Info Subtable No Colored Drillers Log
Completion Intervals Subtable  
Completion Rates Subtable  
Strat Picks Subtable  
Shows Subtable  
Tests Subtable  
Samples Subtable
Cores Subtable
Casing Subtable
DrillTools Subtable
Deviation Subtable
PostDrill Subtable
Map Viewer
Layer Groups
Petroleum Wells and Labels
Oil, Gas, Gas Storage, Service, Well Symbols, IGWS ID Labels, TD Labels, TD Formation Labels
Petroleum Fields
Oil and Gas, New Albany Shale, Gas Storage
Specific Well Data
Scanned Logs
Scanned Reports
Type Log Wells
Reference Features
State/County Boundaries, Township and Range, Artificial Township Boundaries, Civil Townships, Topographic Quadrangles, Sections and Land Units, Rivers, Streams, Highways, Roads, Towns
Premium Layers
Pay Zones by Formation  
Color-Coded Pay Zones  
Color-Coded Shows (Incomplete)  
Stratigraphic Picks (Formation Tops) 19 layers Planned  
Isopach (Thickness) 10 layers Planned