Shapefiles or Geodatabases FAQ

Shapefiles from PDMS data are individually tailored to a client’s specifications. Although the IGS does not charge for the information provided in shapefiles, a charge of $50 per hour is applied for creating, processing, exporting, zipping, and transmitting a shapefile. The charge applies to Basic and Premium PDMS users alike. Premium subscribers have at their disposal all of the PDMS data necessary to create shapefiles or geodatabases. However, for users unable to create their own shapefiles, the IGS, upon request, will create a shapefile and charge for the custom service (described below).


·         A single shapefile or geodatabase: $50 per hour processing fee, 1 hour minimum. Pricing is the same for both Basic and Premium subscribers. However, Basic subscribers do not have access to Premium data.


Custom Exports

·         Only Premium subscribers are entitled to download Well Event tables and subtables.


·         The ability to download data from the Well Event tables and subtables (Premium users only) is a built-into user function of the PDMS. A modest amount of phone instruction on how to download and manipulate a table’s data fields is available to Premium users without charge. Premium users who request custom download capabilities (for example, custom-designed output formats) will be charged at the rate of $50 per hour (1 hour minimum).